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About my music...

These "songs" are just the results of me playing with Renoise. I usually drop some sounds to the timeline and listen to them looped. Sometimes I have further ideas and I end up with longer tunes, but I never intend to close them to have a finished song. I always keep them open for later ideas which sometimes come after decades.

Inspired by sci-fi, anime, fantasy books/movies/comic books/paintings/games by Stanislaw Lem, Michael Ende, Hayao Miyazaki, René Laloux, Robert T. McCall, Jim Woodring, J. R. R. Tolkien and many others.
Song titles are in Hungarian.
Amíg A Halál Fel Nem Támaszt
01 - Átvezetés
02 - Az Utolsó Kérdés Kapujában
03 - Közjáték: A Fehér Galamb
04 - Bezárt kertem
05 - Nagyon-Nagyon-Nagyon Messzire
06 - A Labirintus És A Fehér Galamb
07 - Vissza Fogok Menni
08 - A Tenger Mélyére (piano version)
Az Utolsó Csillagon Is Túl
01 - Aphelion
02 - Szikraeső
03 - Légrepesztő
04 - Járótorony
05 - Közjáték: Dune 2
06 - A Föld Köszöni A Napsütést
07 - Igyál A Mocsárból
08 - Dune 2
09 - Ösvények A Hegyen
10 - Az Egész Csak Ezért Volt
01 - Zongorgonás
02 - A Tech-halott Titokban Tornázott Egyet
03 - A Delay Vasfoga
04 - Ezt Nem Most Fogom Elmondani
05 - Stringstenger
06 - Közjáték: Alighanem
07 - Végülis Nem Jöttünk Dühbe
08 - Hol Van, Hol Nem Van
09 - Ezt Üzenem A Mars Zöld Emberkéinek
10 - Közjáték: C
11 - Főellenség
Tudom, a kevesebb több lett volna,
de féltem, hogy túl sok lesz, ezért
inkább még tettem hozzá.
01 - Intro: Korán Reggel Kimegyek 2
02 - Relaxa
03 - A Növények Vonulása
04 - Gandahar
05 - Beszélgetés A Csillagokkal
Randomly generated noises and songs with randomized tracks
01 - Dreaming Sound
This was where my love to random generated sounds started. I had a period in my life when I occasionally heard an interesting noise in my head when I woke up. I wanted to find out if I was the only one who heard such a noise, so I tried to describe it to others. It proved to be impossible so I tried another way: I started to experiment with Renoise to generate something similar from white noise with randomized effect parameters. And the result was quite satisfying. ...and it started a long journey into the world of randomly generated sounds!
You can download long renderings of the noises or the Renoise files themselves -- if you want to hear endless, real-time generated noises! ;)
02 - Safety Meditation
I've realised that these sounds can be extremely relaxing, so I started to refine them to use them for relaxation/meditation. This is one of them.
03 - Electric Heater Lullaby
One day it came to my mind how much I loved to listen to the sound of my grandparents' electric heater during sleeping. So I've recreated its sound, and since then I've used it for nostalgic naps.
04 - Welcome, Autumn!
In the summer of 2014 I really got sick of the unending hot spell, so I tried to generate some noises which reminded me of the lovely, cold, autumn days...
05 - Quinterference
This is totally random, never-repeating music with adjustable tonality.
Here is how it works:
- There is just one sample in the song: a sinewave with seven octave steps up and then seven octave steps down.
- This sample is played on 12 tracks simultaneously, each one tuned to a musical note (playing speed is not compensated, so higher notes step faster).
- There are two bandpass filters with randomly changed cutoff frequencies. We can hear only little parts of the whole sound when/where the two filter bands overlap.
- A multitap delay adds some repetition to the last cut part and a compressor makes it somewhat continuous.
- You can adjust the tonality by muting some tracks (see the note in the track name).
06 - Dobogókövek
A UFO poet descends to the forests of Dobogókő, but he can't find any words because he is mesmerized by the beauty of the trees. A cyberbird from the 7th layer of virtual realities tries to give him ideas but their communication protocols are absolutely incompatible. Then a pianist and a Bass VSTi show up and join the jam.
This is a random music experiment. The drums, the piano and the bass parts are composed, but the two other performers are white noises transformed with randomly automated effects.
07 - A Future-Dirt-Bike Tries To Sing
...with very little success.
You are not the only one who finds it extremely annoying ;)
08 - The Birth Of The All-Knowing AI
Just another variation of the randomized white noise with some addidional effects and randomly played notes.
FilterOrgan is a VST/AU effect plugin which adds bandpass filters to your audio track real-time, based on the MIDI notes it receives. The filters' frequency is tuned to the received MIDI notes' frequency so you can play chords and melodies with the filters.
Visit filterorgan.com for more information.
CamTheremin is a freeware program simulating the instrument "theremin" with a webcamera: Touch the sensor lines (drawn into your webcam's picture) to control the pitch and volume of the generated sound.
Click here to DOWNLOAD